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    Mint, Gardenia, Sea breeze, Watermelon, Italian lemon


    Carnation, Violet, Lily, lily-of-the-valley, Texas cedar, Siberia needle


    Ambergris, Patchouli

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    In the early 1900s, a physicist Dr. Duncan MacDougall in Massachusetts sought to evidence his hypothesis that the soul is measurable by weight. He postulated that the soul has a definite mass because it resides in a body. After a six-year long experiment, he concluded that there will be a weight loss of 21 grams after one dies. This 21 grams is believed to be the weight of one’s soul.

    A 50-cent coin. A hummingbird. A piece of chocolate. Each one of these weigh 21 grams. These are the small and insignificant things that when juxtaposed with a soul that holds the entire length of life, lead us to wonder and ponder the significance of life. 

    Critically acclaimed playwright and director Stan Lai once remarked, Traveling is not about experiencing the superlatives – the biggest, the largest, or the most luxurious. The true meaning of traveling is to recalibrate your world view and reorientate your perspective to identify the things that will truly make a difference. Living each day with a largeness of heart is the best way to care for the world around you. 

    When the measure of your life is a meager 21 grams, glorious achievements, heartbreaks and disappointments would no longer matter. If we realize that life is only transient and death is inevitable, perhaps we can change our attitudes and the way we live. Perhaps, we will make more selfless decisions. Perhaps, we will live with greater generosity. Perhaps, we will love more freely. 

    Before life ceases to exist and we ultimately lose the 21 grams that has held our lives together, be sure that love is the one thing that never ends. As time passes by, love becomes stronger and more profound.